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I'm All About One Thing: Attracting More Engaged Customers.

Hey my name is Kennedy Teneng , An independent Digital Marketing Consultant and a professional Web designer with experience of over 7 years, covering customer-centric approach, developing and implementing all Digital Marketing core Services for large and small business to increase web traffics, generate leads and sales. My expertise in internet marketing had provide solution to different large, small start up business online with great results. With my services I always implemented all actionable strategies that bring results, and also ensure that all my client brands, website, and marketing campaign get the right target audience.

With my experiences as a professional Digital Marketing Consultant , I always stand at the forefront of all prominent trends in Digital Marketing services and understand that every online business has different type of Challenge and unique requirements, also ensure I deliver my costumer internet marketing with the right solution that will met their specify needs, with the best marketing strategies, and also help diverse industry client to stay ahead of their competitors by implementing effective Digital Marketing Strategies.

Let me help you grow your business​

As experience  Digital Marketing Consultant, I will help your business to generate more revenue

Sale Funnels

Sale has advance in a way that new marketing tools allow you to create, measure and optimize sales funnel in real time. have you ever wonder how long it take or cost to acquired a costumer? but know that sales funnel had facilitate out everything by channel.

Targeted Traffics

If attracting top like hood target audiences was creating content then it will have been easy for everybody to be successful in digital marketing. My proven result and strategies in digital marketing will boost your business to outreach your target audiences at the right time.

Website Conversion

A good quality website always convert costumer very easily, many visitor will behave on your website accordding to UI/UX, tell story and access to information. With my proven skills as a professional website designer, i will properly analyze and optimized your website contents to gain more traffics and conversion.

What I Can Do To Boost Your Business

My proven Strategies in Digital Marketing Services Always Deliver The World with The Best Results


Drive high quality traffic to your website through organic search listings by putting your website in front of top search engine results page with my proven SEO strategies technique.


Decrease your ads cost and increase conversion with my best managed PPC campaigns. Bring high optimized and targeted traffic to your website with PPC advestising to gain more results.


As an expertise leader, i will establish your brand's reputation to gain positive visibility online and suppress all negative result about your business and stop future ones to appear


Promoting contextual, high quality links strategy that drive traffics and improve rankings. I will help your brand to be presence online and recognized as an authority in your industry.


Engage your business with your current costumers and reach out to your new potential audience withsocial m edia marketing. I will help you build a better relation with your audience.


Developing and promoting high quality focused content that is worth sharing and easily convert visitor into buying costumer. I will hep you connect with your target audience and improve your rankings.

How You Can Grow Your Business Rapidly?



Website Designing (UI/UX)

UI and UX are both paramount to a brand, i concerned with how the product feels (UX) & how the product is laid out (UI).

Mobile APP Designing

The demand for designing apps is rocketing with rigorous training, i honed my skills and can build great and meaningful apps.

Digital Marketing Services

If you want your website to be ranked top by search engines then is your terminus.

Brand Designing

The logo serves as an expeditious recall of a company or a product. I design customize brilliant logo & give a new look to your brand.


Why Digital Marketing

Digital marketing have taken the world, large and small business are in competition to be at the top search engine results page to target the right audience, don't risk your business to go online unnoticed, your business need digital marketing services to oriented and enhance your business to the next level with full Digital Marketing Campaign like SEO, Email Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing and Local business listing to increase your revenue.

Digital Marketing Plan Strategy

Digital Marketing Services is a wide function services that can help your business to grow rapidly and turn your target audience into customer by using effective marketing strategy, these include brand reputation, optimizing your web content, marketing value, product and servies, and many more. My main focus id to provide effective Digitl Marketing Plan that will increase convertion, ROI and drive more traffic to your business and generate leads and sales.

Expand Your Business

As experience Digital Marketing Consultant expert, I offer complete digital marketing services to drive high quality traffic, sales, increase conversion and provide solution to business with 100% return interest of your investment. My proven skills have help countless small and medium size business online to benefit from high traffic search results, by doing effective marketing strategy that work.

Outreach Your Target Audience

With the best effective Digital Marketing strategy put in place , I ensure that your business and services are delivery to potential customer by drive more traffic to your business and create content that convert prospective visitors into buying customers, my expertise in Digital Marketing is proven with the best quality result, both small and medium size business by implementing all digital marketing strategy to improve your business and achieved target results.

ROI Establish Quality Results

Implementing interactive successefull Digital Marketing strategy will help your business to turn you target audiences into potential customers, by increasing conversion, ROI and turning uor plan into reality merging brand strategy and web design. With the new development of Google algorithm and marketing change, your business need a unique creatie strategies.

Brand Big Returns

Tracking and monitor your business perfomance will help to create actionable strategy to expand your business, by implement what work to improve the chances of customers choosing your product or service over your competitor's, and attracting more customers, at a lower cost per acquisition, who are happy to pay a little more, and will buy a little more often.


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Why You Have To Choose My Services

Many large and small business are struggle to get  the best Digital Marketing Consultant,  it could be lack of knowledge on how to implementing digital marketing strategies, budget limitation and bad experience with the previous hired digital marketing provider.

If you are looking for the right digital marketing specialist who is going to provide stunning solution for your business, Brands and bring in high quality traffics, then you are in the right place. I work with various famous brands, large and small business to raise their website visibility in search engine through many platforms like search engine optimization, paid advertising (Google Adwords, native ads, AMS, & Social Media) by targeting the right audience and take your business to the next level by creating and implementing digital marketing strategies that will quickly increase costumer acquisition, Generate leads and sales.

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My main focus is to provide solution to all business that needs more sales,  generate leads and increase conversion. Do you need internet marketing strategies that positions your business professionally & focuses on converting more visitors into clients ? If yes then  you  are in the right place. A Professional Digital marketing Consultant with proven results, happy customers, real ROI, trust from top companies, clients and expertise in many industries

I have been providing sales focused Digital marketing services, website design & development services for 7+ years.