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Do you need a website that portrait your business and converting more target audience into client ? If yes, then your in the right place,whether your a start-up or enterprise business my website solution and Digital Marketing Services will turn your ideas into online success.


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Get a focuses Stunning Business Website

When it comes to providing website design for small business, there are many companies and web designer that can provide good looking website and content. but only few are able to archive the right quality between creative website design and focused sales websites that engage with the right target audiences and convert them into customers. I can help you to archive the responsive sales focused business website that will position your brand in front of your target audiences, with the right tools and proven strategies, I will design your website and optimize the website to generate massive results,  starting from your niche and requirements, I  shall be working with you hand to hand,  to analyze your existing marketing services and sales processes in order for you to understand your business. Customizing professional content and web design using the right tools, and my proven methods is to give you the right stunning design website  and engaging  quality content that turn visitors into sales leads.

Why Your Business Need My Web Design Services

Your website showcase all the strong points of your business in the modern day storefront. Getting a  professional functional and well-designed website is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity for your business to have  a Focused Sales Website including:


Your website is the core stand for outreaching your target costumer,showcase all your focused business services by leveraging your brands in all advertising platforms to reach your potential costumer.


Search Engine Optimization is the processes of optimizing your website and contents to rank in Google. and you will have a mobile friendly optimized website that will be on the first page in search engine.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is one of the best way to drive traffic to your website and promote your services. But if your website is not well design to showcase all your business services, you will have alot of bounce rate.


Having a sales website will allows potential costumer to visit it frequently. Merge with inbound marketing strategies, your website will become one the biggest assets to acquired your business Goals with the right strategies.


Tracking and analyzing user's behavior on your website, will help you know how costumer are engaging with your site or what is no working. out-think competition by providing the right solution to grow your business.


Writing professional sales content will help your business to rank on Google and easily convert your potential target audience into costumers, and also increase inbound traffics and generate high quality leads.

What Types of Websites I Do Create?

kennedyscope.com is a  web design services that can build a design for almost every industry you can think of. Ever since i start my way into website design , i have dealt with clients in various industries that offer different products and services. Here are full list of industries that i serve.

I believe that every business like yours has a different set of needs, target market and products or services that need to be showcased your business in your website. That’s exactly why in every design i create and i make sure that it is tailored only for your brand.

Web Design Srvices

Does Your Business Need My Web Design Services?

Quality tier web design, development and internet marketing services that generate leads and improve your business visibility.

B2B Marketing Business

B2B have a different landscape from B2C and your website should reflect on that. Professionals business owners should be addressed different than everyday consumers. your website can help you build a trustworthy in your brand and services.

E-commerce Store

In today generation where most people love to shop online, the competition for e-commerce stores has never been fiercer, so having a full professional responsive website that provides a good user experiences is your best chance to stand out.

Healthcare Services

In our generation now, people are using technology in almost every part of their activity that day they do daily, even in checking schedules for medical check-up. I will provide your services with a fully functional that clients can book an appointment with you in an instant.

Real Estate Firm

Buy and selling properties is a big decision. costumer can get oscillate easily if your portfolio doesn't impress them to take action. showcase your business or expertise and properties you can offer by having them engage with your responsive website.

Beauty & Fitness Stores

When it come to health, beauty and body care, we can only trust the expert in that domain, get a website which is beautifull as what you offers, and you will establish a great valuable and recognized trust brand with your potential target audiences.

Food Business

It very possible for customer to crave over your food and drinks without even tasting for it yet ? yes it very possible. building your website with enticing photos and media that will surely leave customer hungry to get more of your foods and drinks.

Travel & Professional Services

Until when your clients can get to you personally, your website will always showcase and represent your brand in all your unique point interim! having a responsive website that demonstrates your expertise and professionalism to convert potential audiences into real client.

Non-profit Organization

Just like traditional businesse, non profit organization will also needs engaging website to bring in massive traffic and results, through and informative and interesting website, with your website you can spread awareness and encourage people to join your advocacy.

Other Industries

These are only few of industry i have worked through out these years with in these business but if you don't see your industry listed here, then no worries , i can still build a responsive website that is perfect for your brands and showcase all your business and services to be presence online.

Start Your Business Website Today

Step By Step Process

As professional web designer, there is a right way to build a website and there is also a wrong way, with my client center design process,i will give you all the input on the project and the flexibility on how to manage the website once i have complete it.


Making Research

I will get to know the in and out of your business and brainstorm to get a geared solution to increase the ROI of your business website.

Competitor Analysis

I will review your local competitors and audit their website in other to know what will take to create a sales focused website for your business, optimized the website to gain potential in search engine.

Business Audit

when starting a project, i will perform a thorough analysis of your business, competition and the industry to design a focused website that showcase your business, and produce tangible results.

Brand Strategy

Based on my research, i will showcase a message about your brand and design a derictive for your website to resonate with your audeinces and generate leads.


Web Design

Once your brand strategy is complete draft, i will proceed with  the design of your website and costumed the website to merge with your company’s image.

UI/UX Research

Website is not all about design it pretty, website need to produces results. i will craft out responsive layouts that will be easy for your potential costumer to get more information about your website and get in touch.


I will work with you hand to hand to create a wireframe of your website for you to easy see what eaxactly the website look like before it's online.


I write engaging content that easily convert website traffics into leads. And i will also help you to generate content ideas for your website.


Web Development

I used different responsive web platform to create custom website that leverage the updated tech on the web. Also easily create back-end that help clients cut down cost and manage their website once i have complete it.

Hosting & Domain Setup

I will handle any of your hosting or domain related works that needs to be done in other to get your website online on time.


With my primarily design ,i will used premuim tools to create a flexible pretty website that will be SEO friendly and easily access on all devices.

SEO Optimization

Many business website face difficulty to be found on Google which make it not to get potential target audiences to visits the website. i will optimized your website to show up on search engine when client type search queries that are related to your services.

Why You Need My Web Design For Your Business

Save Money

you don't have to think about getting a beautiful web design should be pricey, don't let other services charge you for your website. you don't need to be over charge in other to achieved your dream website. With my help as a professional web designer, you can stay on your budget without be charge high.

Fast Turnaround

Acquired your website fast. In Most case it always take me 30 days to finished with the website or less than. I always respect and valued the time of my clients. with my services, you can depend on me and i will quickly gt your awesome website up and running online in no time.

Your Marketing Depends On It

I'm not only a professional website designer expert, I'm also a full services of Digital Marketing Consultant. with that be said, you should be rest assured that your website will be develop with conversion in mind. i will optimized the website to generate more sales, especially from advertising effort.

Engage Your Costumer
With Fresh Website

Either your existing website needs a facelift or you want a new sales focused website, a well design performance website that is easily access on all devices, i can help you optimize your website to be presence online.